Got a Kink? Call Tink!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tink's Massage, Up and Running

I'm so excited to have my business, Tink's Therapeutic Massage, up and running! Owning a business always seemed like something I would eventually do in life so I'm pretty sure I can say I'm living my dream (or my reality depending on which way you look at it.) My goal is to get other people as excited about massage as I am. I want people to see there are natural ways of caring for and healing their bodies. If you work with the natural rhythym of your body, if you listen to your body, you will find yourself with much less DIS-EASE.

A holisic approach is the only way to optimize your health. Massage, meditation, diet and excercise are all individualy important. The key is finding a way to balance them out and being able to fit them in your schedule. Consistency of hobbies, tend to turn into habbits and fortunetely these ones are healthy!

So far the only people I have met that didn't like getting a massage are people who have not got a massage! My advice to everyone, in all aspects of life is try new things, try everything you can because we can find who we are in relation to who we are not.

Almost anyone can benefit from some type of massage, even if it's a quick, 5 minute shoulder rub. A basic swedish massage can improve circulation, joint mobility flexibility, reduce stress, anxiety, depression , general aches and pains, muscles cramps, muscle spasms, it can remove toxins from your body and help drain the lympatic system. I'm sure most people can classify themselves in one of those catagories. If you haven't got a professional massage, get one, you have nothing to lose! If your in Southeastern CT contact me, I would love to work with you! Check back on my blog for steady information on massage, meditation and a healthy lifestyle!